PSB Alpha Series Speakers Shown at CES 2019

PSB has refreshed its venerable “performance first” Alpha series, the result are speakers like the T20 towers that exceed expectations.

At CES 2019 some rooms have an undeniable buzz, when you see a packed room and the music is playing that’s a sign there’s something good going on. When I stopped by to check out the Lenbrook room at The Venetian, there was a crowd gathered. Now, you might think it’s because of the NAD Masters M10 streaming DAC-Amp running a pair of DALI Epicon towers, and that is a great system by any standard. But what I enjoyed was sitting down with Paul Barton and checking out the PSB Alpha series speakers that were announced at the show.

The PSB Alpha T20 towers ($599/pair) we auditioned were familiar since I performed a quick hands-on review before leaving for Las Vegas. This is how I knew that these speakers deliver excellent sound and incredible bass response considering their size and price. With less than three days separating my last at-home audition and the show demo, I had a fresh memory of what I heard at home. And what I heard were speakers that punch significantly above their weight. Plus these are aesthetically pleasing speakers That will blend in with your decor and thanks to their small footprint, not overwhelm the space. But the payoff for purchasing these towers is a bass response that digs down to the bottom octave and hits frequencies under 30 Hz. This covers the entire range you’ll find in many acoustic recordings and also most of what you’ll find in movie soundtracks.

The Alpha C10 was shown and sports dual 5.25″ woofers and a 0.75″ dome tweeter. This model offer on-axis +/-3 dB response of 55 Hz to 21 kHz, enough to keep up with the towers. The PSB Alpha C10 MSRP is $299.

Another great thing about speakers that dig this deep is it affords flexibility when it comes to setting a crossover between the subwoofer and the speakers. If you prefer a second-order filter at 60 Hz instead of fourth-order filter at 80 Hz, the speakers play deep enough to support that.

Now that I’m back home and the show is over, I expect to acquire the additional parts needed to put together a surround sound system and review it. Based on my experience with the towers, this Best of CES selection could emerge as one of the most appealing budget/performance speaker options available to AV enthusiasts.

One nice thing about the PSB Alpha series is that unlike some products you see or hear at CES, these speakers are shipping.

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