JBL Unleashes L100 Classic Speakers at CES 2018

Remember the “Blown Away Guy” Maxell tape ad? The speakers doing the blowing away are among the most iconic JBLs of all time: The mighty L100s.

Now, music lovers and nostalgic audiophiles can experience the glory of what was once sold as a bookshelf speaker but in reality is a serious studio monitor (derived from the JBL 4310) thanks to the introduction of the JBL L100 Classic at CES 2018.

When it comes to performance potential, don’t be fooled by the fact these are an update to a classic design. Behind the vintage quadrex foam grill (available in orange, black, or blue) is a 3-way speaker featuring high-quality drivers. JBL uses its 12″ 1200FE woofer to handle bass, a 5″ paper cone for midrange, and a newly-designed JT025Ti1 1″ titanium-dome waveguide-mounted tweeter for treble. As compared to the original L 100, JBL says it has made improvements to the drivers, the enclosure tuning, as well as the crossover design.

Jim Garrett, senior director, product strategy and planning (luxury audio, Harman) noted that “The original L100 speakers were not only JBL’s all-time, best-selling loudspeakers, but, from all indications, they were the best-selling loudspeaker system of the decade. The original L100 was introduced at the 1970 CES in Chicago, and here we are almost 50 years later with retro products and designs in high fashion. There is still a huge appreciation and desire for these great looking, great sounding vintage JBL loudspeaker systems.”

Priced at $4000 per pair, the JBL L100 Classic will be available in spring of 2018.

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