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Moving to 4K, a couple of issues

Working on home theater for downstairs, bought a Sony STR-ZA3000ES used, added some speakers and got that all working with music from an old CD player I had. It also worked playing bluray from a non 4K player, but I only had a couple of blueray music disks to test it with.

Spin forward to yesterday where we picked up a 4K UHD TV from Costco (Samsung NU-7100), got it mounted on a ceiling mount and everything hooked up. Put on the blueray video and it started playing music, but my wife noticed the vocals were very distant, and she was right.

If I switched the Receiver to 2 chan stereo, the voice came out, but any other mode it would muffle into the distance, as though there was a channel missing.

I thought maybe it was the HDMI cable, so swapped that out with a 4K cable, but that did nothing. Is this because the blueray player is not 4K?

Just for more information, everything plugs into the Receiver via HDMI, and there is a single HDMI out to TV. Video works fine.

I moved our popcorn box from the upstairs TV and got it all connected and flipped on a few movies and they all worked great, no issues with sound or video, great rumble, house shaking, it was awesome, but then I tried playing some music from the popcorn box and it has similar issues to the bluray except from here there is no sound at all. I have not tried swapping out the cable yet, will try that this morning, but this popcorn box is also not 4K.

Is this what I should expect when plugging non 4K devices into a 4K receiver?

I am wondering if I should upgrade to 4K devices, or is this issue going to remain if I do?

Do the cables make any difference when plugging them into non 4K devices?
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Since it worked OK with your BD-Player, I'm going to GUESS that there is something wrong/strange in the AVR's Menu Setup.

Looking at your Sony STR-ZA3000ES "Installation Guide", I see on pg17 that there are procedures for both a "User initialize (Memory Clear)" and "Sound Field Clear"....which I am hoping will return all settings to their DEFAULTs. You should do BOTH of these Clear Actions, AFTER documenting how your Current Settings are DIFFERENT from the DEFAULT List on pg2-5. In particular, I expect you will need to set "Digital Legato Linear = AUTO1" [Default], under the "Audio Setup" Menu [On-Line Guide para(80) "explains" what AUTO2 does]. When done with Clear Action, under the "HDMI Setup" menu, set "HDMI OUT" = "TV+AMP" [Default = AMP], which enables HDMI Out to attached TV. You should also review the other menu items under "HDMI Setup", for instance you might want "4K Scaling" = "AUTO" instead of "OFF" Default [although I would expect that UDTV would have BETTER Upscaling Algorithms]:

PS: Unfortunately, I didn't find a proper USER GUIDE at Sony Support Website [you should read thru it again], so I'm doing a bit of guess work based on a LOT of experience with various AVR's. I didn't take the time to laboriously go thru ALL of it, but you might find additional info by reading thru fol. On-Line Guide:

FYI: Sony Support indicates that there was a Firmware Upgrade for your sure that you are up to date.

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You might have better luck in the Receivers section or in the Sony ZA Owner's Thread.

HDTV Technical is more for the source sides of things.. broadcasters and such.

Silly, but I'm sure you double-checked the polarity on all of your speakers. I always suspect out-of-phase wiring when the speakers don't sound quite right on stereo music.

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