ELAC Carina Series Speakers by Andrew Jones at CES 2019

The ELAC JET tweeter is a folded-ribbon, air-motion transformer design that the company has refined over the years. At CES 2019, the company introduced the first speakers designed by Andrew Jones that utilize this tweeter type: Carina Series. The series consists of three models, all of which have a refined and modern aesthetic and benefit from the deep experience in high performance speaker design that’s brought to the table by Mr. Jones. Of course they utilize the latest version of ELAC’s JET.

At CES 2019, I had the opportunity to hear the BS243.4 ($1200), a 2-way vented design that features a downfiring tuned port, Which allows it to be placed as close to a wall as you like without the aesthetic compromise of a front-mounted port. True to form, this Andrew Jones design produce extraordinarily detailed and balanced sound. The speakers were invisible, the soundfield floated in front of me like a three dimensional hologram, and instrument placement was extremely focused and precise. A single 5.25″ aluminum driver proves the mids and bass and crosses over to the tweeter at 2.7 kHz. This model has a rated frequency response of 46 Hz to 30 kHz and 85 dB (2.83V/1m) sensitivity. Power handling is 100 W, nominal impedance is rated at 6 ohms, and it dips down to 4.8 ohms minimum.

A center channel dubbed the CC241.4 is also available, it is a 2-way vented design featuring a downfiring port. Dual 5.25″ aluminum drivers handle bass and midrange And cross over to the tweeter at 2.7 kHz. Frequency response is rated at 50 Hz to 30 kHz, Power handling is 120 W and sensitivity is 87 dB (2.83V/1m).

ELAC Alchemy Series Electronics

Without suitable electronics speakers sit silent. An Alchemy Series system from ELAC, designed by Peter Madnick, powered the BS243.4 system in a transparent and effortless manner. This is a superslim, easy to “fit into any cabinet” type of system, with each component measuring just 1U (1.75″) high. But despite the compact dimensions, it brings a ton of ability.

The DDP-2-BK is a DAC/preamp/streamer, it fed signal to the DPA-2-BK amplifier that’s rated at 325 watts per channel of output into 4 ohms.

Here’s how the port is integrated into the speaker. Photo by Mark Henninger.

This series also includes floorstanding towers, the FS247.4 ($2400). This is a 2.5 way design with dual 5.25″ aluminum drivers and the JET tweeter. Like its siblings, the speaker features a downfiring port. This model has a frequency response of 34 Hz to 30 kHz. The crossover to the tweeter is centered around 2700 Hz, just like the other two models. But the lower of the two drivers is cut off at 1000 Hz. Sensitivity for these floorstanders is 87 dB (2.83V/1m) and peak power handling is 120 W, just like the center channel.

These sleek speakers are available in satin white and satin black finishes. It was an easy pick for an AVS Forum “Best of CES 2019” award.

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